Vernice Poon

Vernice Poon Financial Services Manager About Vernice: One of the best Financial Services Managers Apex Group has ever encountered is Venice. She excels in her dual roles as a Financial Services Manager and a Client Trusted Advisor because of her excellent work ethic and dependability to both her clients and teammates. Venice is undoubtedly a […]


Ren Yi Financial Consultant About Ren yi:  Renyi was previously a top banker at one of the major local banks. Other than specialising in wealth management, proper financial planning is something veryclose to Renyi’s Heart .5 years ago , she decided to join Apex Group. Renyi mantra for sustainable success in the business is : […]

Xiong Qiang

Xiong Qiang Financial Consultant About Xiong Qiang: Prior to joining Apex Group, Xiong Qiang was working as a priority banker at a major foreign curating wealth planning the portfolio for the well-heeled individual. In 2012  he found his calling in the financial planning industry and Joined Apex group. He has a knack for tailor-made financial […]

Yong Chuan

Yong Chuan Financial Consultant About Yong Chuan: Graduated in the year 2010, Yong Chuan gained precious working experience as an Analyst in Multinational banks (MNBs) that specialized in Exception Management handling before joining Apex Group as a Financial Consultant. Yong Chuan offers unique advisory and customized solutions to his clients to meet their personal/family/corporate financial […]

Mervyn Wong

Mervyn Wong Financial Consultant About Mervyn:  Mervynis one of the most dedicated and enthusiastic people in the financial planningindustry. He is well-liked by peers and clients for his always ‘be there tohelp attitude. After more than a decade of experience in the financial planningIndustry, he has helped numerous families cushion the financial impact of ahealth […]

Marcus Goh

Marcus Goh Financial Consultant About Marcus: Marcus previously worked as an engineer with a major telco company. He joined Apex group 6 years ago with zero knowledge of the financial planning industry. With his ever-willing-to-learn attitude and systematic approach, very quickly he grasp the essence of the job and is helping the client craft plans […]

Benjamin Seah

Benjamin Seah Financial Consultant About Benjamin: Prior to joining the Apex Group, Benjamin operated a logistics company. Because of this, he has excellent calculation abilities that he uses to help his clients manage their financial planning portfolios. Benefiting clients and clients with his virtuous vision. Memorable Moments: I came across this young lady, where she […]

Anne Ng

Anne Ng Financial Consultant About Anne: Having worked for a renowned local bank for many years, Anne is highly qualified to provide her clients with excellent financial planning services, making her dependable to both clients and coworkers. She has shown a strong work ethic throughout her career.   Memorable Moments: I am committed to being […]

Adrian Tay

Adrian Tay Financial Consultant About Adrian: Adrian serves as a Financial Consultant at Apex Group and focuses on client satisfaction. He has a solid knowledge base and embodies principles that are sympathetic, which motivate him to give his clients sound advice about their financial planning portfolios. Memorable Moments: Most memorable moments are times when I […]

Marcus Ryan Tan

Financial Advisor Representative Associate Director Marcus Ryan Tan Million Dollar Round Table Qualifier, AFP, REAP CertifiedRNF: TKC100048506 Marcus Ryan Tan serves as the Financial Services Associate Director of Apex Group and helps lead the agency with his vision. Marcus has amassed his experience by working with an Independent Financial Adviser for 17 years and joined […]