Xiong Qiang

Financial Consultant

About Xiong Qiang:

Prior to joining Apex Group, Xiong Qiang was working as a priority banker at a major
foreign curating wealth planning the portfolio for the well-heeled individual.
In 2012  he found his calling in the
financial planning industry and Joined Apex group. He has a knack for
tailor-made financial planning portfolio for different individuals as he
believed every individual needs are different and there should not be a one
size fits all solution


Memorable Moments:

The biggest takeaway in my career is to assist my client in their hospitalization and medical claims. 

Being sick or injured during an accident would mean physical and emotional inconvenience.

In my line of work, I get the opportunity to ease the financial concerns of my client. 

Every time I assist my client with their hospital claim, the smile, and gratitude from them is the reason that keeps me going all these years.

  • Million Dollar Round Table Qualifier 2022
  • Signature Class Qualifier 2021 
  • Income Summit Club Prestige Achiever 2020

RNF: QXQ300007183
Phone: +65 9009 7039
Email: xiongqiang.ong@income.com.sg